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Contact: Ali Bastek Arizona Creative

Hi, my name's Ali and I'm based out of the sunny state of Arizona. Storytelling, documenting, and sharing messages are my passions. Whether it's your personal memories, a campaign, or branding, I love the opportunity to help my clients create narratives. If there's a story you want to share, a moment you want to capture, then I'll be there to do it the best way I know how: with my camera!

After graduating Scottsdale Community College for Film Production and Post Production, I've been able to intern with an international company, meet new clients, and help non-profits and socially conscious businesses as they grow. Ultimately leading me to my current pursuit of a Bachelors in Nonprofit Leadership & Management from Arizona State University. Email me to say hi or ask questions any time. I'm always excited for a new creative endeavor!

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If you noticed the cat in my logo, his name is Abraham. He's been with me since high school and likes to get in my way while I'm working. Whether that's lying on me, my hand, my notebooks, or sitting in front of my computer. He just likes to make sure I'm looking at him.